A note from the CMCS director
Vision: To Foster Catholic Men's Spirituality in Chicago Southland

Dear CMCS Men and Friends, 

Attention all procrastinators, as we near the end of our Lenten and Easter voyage, it is crucial that we take a morning to reflect on our journey and embrace our Catholic calling as men. But let's be honest, every time we try to focus on God, the world seems to conspire against us,  throwing curveballs and distractions our way. It's as if the forces of evil themselves are working to steer us away from our faith.


My spiritual director says that our distractions tell us what is more important to us than God.  I find this to be true, do you?


But fear not, CMCS Men, for amidst the chaos and temptation, a glimmer of hope shines bright on April 6th: the Chicago Southland Catholic Men's Breakfast and Forum. Beware, for the Devil himself will try to sabotage your attendance at this crucial event. But hear my plea, do not succumb to the devilish distractions of this world. Stand strong and join us today in this noble cause. If you find later that you can't make it, you have the option of a refund or donate it to our cause. 


United we stand, divided we fall - a timeless truth that rings true for both nations and teams. Our true strength lies in our unity, and that is something the devil fears. For he knows that when we come together as one, his influence weakens. And it is precisely for this reason that Jesus sacrificed himself - so that we may be united as a nation under God (The Knights of Columbus initiated a campaign in 1951 for the public adoption of the phrase “under God” in the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance). It is through worshiping Him, and Him alone, that we find favor and protection. 


The foundations of our nation are built upon the principles of right worship and honoring one God. Yet, in our current culture, evil forces seek to dismantle this unity by tempting us to worship worldly things. But let us not be swayed, for when we gather as Catholic men to worship our one true God, we stand firm as the priest of our families as one nation under His divine guidance.


When we turn our devotion away from God and towards false idols, chaos and turmoil are sure to follow. Just as Jesus carefully selected 12 disciples to spread His message, the world is attempting to erase God from our lives, and fathers from our families, and replace Him with other things. Let us come together one-by-one, with a united front, and bring unity back into our hearts, our nation, and our families. For a divided house cannot stand, but a united one can weather any storm.


Join us, and let us stand strong, for the fate of our nation and your family depends on it.


Frank J Casella, 

CMCS Director


Catholic Men Chicago Southland
Aplostolate of Interim Vicar Fr. Larry Sullivan
Executive Director, Frank J Casella 

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The CMCS Mission: Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) is engaged in fostering holy and courageous men and proclaiming the importance of husbands and fathers to children and the family. CMCS is a Catholic Apostolate of Interim Vicar Fr. Larry Sullivan, and founded in 2004 by Most Reverend Emeritus Joseph N. Perry, Deacon John Rangel, and Mr. Frank J Casella.
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